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We won’t be looking to place what you have, but look at how apps like Excel, Outlook and Teams can be enhanced through automation and integrations with other software packages you’re using. There are many individual automations or “power-ups” that can be done.

Zapier connects with 5,000+ tools and apps and there are other third-party integration tools too.  So there is a pretty good chance we can connect yours. We’ll also write up to 6 lines of code for cases where a connector doesn’t exist. 

Until we see the current state of your platforms and apps we’re not able to judge the size and length of the job. However, implementing a simple workflow will only take a matter of days, but implementing a company-wide improvement program takes months.  We’ll create a scope of work with you before proceeding with any design and implementation.

Every business has its own unique requirements, so until we’ve had a chance to get to know you and your systems it’s difficult to judge the level of support and implementation required. Fixing a few documented zaps not triggering or returning false/missing outputs starts from £150, while mapping out and visualizing new business processes to create multiple new complex workflows can be thousands of pounds. Either way, there will be significant ROI in reducing the manual tasks you probably didn’t know could be automated.

Yes, I’m sure we can. Let us have the details and we’ll review and confirm. We also do Make.com scenario troubleshooting.

Yes, we can.  We can even help you develop a lead scoring system based on website activities and other attributes.

No that is something we’d need you to provide as every business has its own unique style and offering.

POTT’s definition of a simple automated workflow is that which uses a single tool/app 1 or 2 times, with a maximum of 5 steps/2 events.  For example, this a simple workflow: 

  • New Successful Purchase in ClickFunnels
  • Add Existing Contact to Automation in ActiveCampaign
  • Create or Update Contact in ActiveCampaign

Yes, this is a service we also offer. It can be useful for us to be involved at this stage so that the new hero package can be mapped with your new automations in mind.

It depends what you’re looking to improve, but typically as wide a permission as possible so we don’t need to bother you when our work is impeded by limited access rights.

Once we have an understanding of your business objectives, it’s likely that you won’t need to do anything once you’ve given us access to your systems, as we’ll make recommendations once we’ve reviewed the existing setup. We often start with a simple project, and unearth new opportunities as we work with you.

Once your automation script or custom automation tools are built, you get to keep and use them forever. You will own all the software licenses to the 3 party, or iPasS integration tools. We have no recurring payments common with off-the-shelf software. However, we offer a maintenance service if you’d like us to support you on your growth journey.