Task inspiration

You love the idea of an easier life, but how do you start handing things over? 

Identify low-risk processes you can do well and delegate. 

Build up from there

What kind of things can you easily hand off to your new POTT member? Here are just a few ideas…

  • Appointment setting
  • CRM cleaning
  • Coding qualitative responses
  • Comparative financial analysis
  • Competitor analysis and profiling
  • Database cleansing
  • Data entry
  • Data checking
  • Data processing & table production
  • Documenting standard operating procedures
  • Excel analysis
  • Internet desk research
  • Presentation creation from qual data
  • Presentation creation from quant Data.
  • Proofreading/editing & paraphrasing
  • Questionnaire design
  • Questionnaire review
  • Quality checking
  • Report first drafts
  • SPSS analysis
  • Standard operating process documentation
  • Survey scripting
  • Trendspotting
  • Web scraping
  • Writing proposal outlines
Data is all around us, you need a POTT hand

What would you like support with?

What experience do you require?