Elevate Your Research Game with the essential list of 50+ software providers

Elevate Your Research Game: An Essential Resource List for Industry Experts


Building on our previous insights into 5 key market research trends and podcast discussion, let’s delve into the range of market research technology. For agency owners and directors, understanding what’s available is essential in staying ahead in a tech-influenced landscape. – A spreadsheet of the 54 companies reviewed can be found at the bottom.


You may have noticed that the landscape of research technology (ResTech) is evolving, breaking away from its traditional roots. Now, companies with tech-focused backgrounds are entering the scene, bringing expertise in various fields like product management and electrical engineering. A notable example is CEO Adhithi Aji and the Adrich team. 

Diverse Marketing Perspectives:

When scanning the 54 companies I noticed that the marketing perspectives among ResTech providers vary significantly, which makes them a little difficult to compare at times. Some delve into the technical aspects of their products, such as generative AI, while others emphasize practical applications like product development.

Interventions in Data Collection:

Some providers showcase inventive ways to intervene in event-driven data collection, like Aldrich’s point-of-sale insights and Cool Tool’s eye-tracking technology. Or specifically talk about synthetic audience like Yabble.

User-Centric Focus:

Other providers highlight user benefits, emphasizing collaboration and flexibility in system usage.

Roles in the Process:

Providers play different roles in the research process – some are focused on providing solutions for front-end data collection, while others navigate the messy middle of analysis.

Service Operators under Tech Shield:

Certain providers seem to operate as service operators under the umbrella of technology, like Bellomy with UX recruiters and Brox.Ai specializing in brand tracking, as opposed to being solely a tech provision

Unclear Ecosystem Positioning:

Some providers remain unclear about their position in the ecosystem, discussing the platform they sit on without specifying their role in data provision, analysis, or obtaining swift conclusions.

Automation Across the Board:

In my opinion all providers, regardless of their approach, contribute to process automation, incorporating AI or other methods like text analytics to streamline the research process, even if that isn’t something they lead with

Understated Synergy:

Some products potentially miss a trick as I’d argue that a robust knowledge management product includes analytics and reporting tools, but not all providers emphasize this aspect in their messaging.


This quick guide aims to shed light on the diversity within ResTech. The classifications provided may differ to your own or the providers perspective (although always includes their perspective), but they serve as a useful starting point for understanding the range of providers. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, as your agency might use different software. The insights are drawn from providers featured in Greenbook’s Insights Tech Show Case and Quirks virtual events at the end of 2023.

Now it’s over to you to review and see what you think. Have fun!

Let me know if you disagree with my classification. 

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