Our Diverse Packages Await You

How are we different?

Jane has set up 2 award-winning Market Research Agencies and holds directorships in a range of not-for-profit and private enterprises.  She loves working with other leaders. Instinctively repelling structure, she’s developed a system to help other right-brain thinkers reduce their business clutter, find their own flow and improve efficiency. 
Our left-brain thinkers have worked in digital marketing, customer services, coaching, aeronautical engineering, and project management. They’ve developed workflows within Uber and Google and enhanced the processes of numerous boot-strapped start-ups. They are no code and low code experts. They’re happy to do a few lines of code to get you your unique workflow too. You can even ask us about AI, but that probably isn’t the answer.
Parts of the .team combine to speak the perfect balance of tech and business strategy. We deliver the kind of positive outcome you didn’t know how to describe, but you knew was out there somewhere.
Jane Hales, POTT

Why choose Part Of The . Team?

We lead with a business perspective, evaluate with an advisor’s lens, and implement with a tech native’s way of thinking.   

We don’t forget your customers’ experience while getting your internal house in order. 

We talk straightforwardly, have experience with 100+ apps, and are integration platform agnostic.  We’ll advise and implement with longevity in mind, as things change so quickly.

We can talk about tech stacks, but prefer not too, as we know that not all business owners talk tech.  Not everybody is a natural process builder or designer.

Yes, we’re using no-code or low-code applications (such as Zapier and Make), as not everyone has time to create their workflows.

Package Options:

All options start with a discovery call and include a scope approval stage before Implementation begins

POTT Streamline System

Package 1: AutoFlow – I know what I want, just automate it

Package 1: AutoFlow

Steps included:

Suitable for clients who can provide clear information on existing business processes, schemes of delegation, and apps/s/w used and have already used third-party integration platforms such as Zapier or Make.com.  It also suits those who need troubleshooting on their existing 3P no-code tools.

Here is an example of kind of Power-Ups we can do:

  • Automating simple tasks (e.g., data entry, file transfers, email notifications)
  • Automating complex tasks (e.g., social media posting, lead generation, data analysis)
  • Automating  multiple complex workflows (e.g., project management, customer onboarding)

Package 2: AscendMap my workflows and make the business better.

Package 2: Ascend

Steps included:

Suitable for clients who can provide clear information on existing business processes, but haven’t mapped out their delegation scheme, or apps against their customer journey.

Package 3: Ascend+Design, improve and maintain my workflows

Package 3: Ascend+

Steps included:

Suitable for clients who aren’t sure where to begin and feel they are moving into the world of the unknown.

All packages are eligible for the Maintenance stage.