GW Functional Fitness

Case Study

Getting an in-person fitness business ready to scale up through online training and certification programs


    • The in-person business had developed organically with little consideration for intentional business processes and supporting digital infrastructure.


    • A single CRM Hero’ platform (with limited integration functionality) was used on which to build the business


    • Elements of the Hero platform weren’t being used as they appeared to be ‘too technical’

Benefits one - Retention of existing software tools

Hero package Wix was retained and its external facing website was restructured to improve the customer journey and improve contact segmentation

Benefits two - Marketing upskilling

Improved use of Wix’s functionality through coaching on digital marketing principles produced a step change in communication relevance for clients resulting in an uplift of service take-up


“I want better segmentation, I don’t want to send the wrong stuff to people”

Having started from a tech-anxious perspective, Gavin of GW Functional Fitness was keen to make the most of the software tools he’d become used to and get them to work harder as inquiries for a new service were growing. His initial motivation was to give clients a smoother booking and communication experience, having received grumbles about changes in the process as new services were being offered.

Fitness & Wellbeing


Part of the .team worked with GW Functional Fitness to audit the existing system and understand how it was being used among various audiences. To provide personalized communications as soon as possible we added a new field to the contacts for manual editing and supported tagging automation.


In Phase Two we advised on changes to the sign-up form to further improve contact segmentation and simplification of the website messaging and form setup. We provided coaching to support the development of the new processes.


Creating a Sales Conversion Funnel was introduced in Phase Three. This involved introducing much more complex workflows such as re-engagement and retention campaigns to increase rapport and ideated content marketing campaigns. We aIso discussed introducing third-party API integration tools such as Zapier and Make to connect to expert packages for best-in-class marketing, finance packages etc.


With future maintenance in mind, we documented the automatons as they were created.