How do you find your sweet spot Ask Andy (and POTT)

How do you find your sweet spot? Ask Andy (and POTT)

In my earlier post I mentioned that a friend of mine, entrepreneur and executive Coach Andy Clayton  has developed a methodology and written an accompanying book. “Sweetspot: How to Spend More Time Doing What You Love, Are Great At, and Adds Most Value”.

I’d love to give you the opportunity to hear the webinar he did on the topic for Petra Coaches. You can find the full recording here.

Top Takeaways – how your team members can use the methodology

Once you identify things in your Sweet Spot, then you need to identify things you are doing in addition that aren’t as valuable or are draining, and then itemize that.

    • Think of the top 5 things that do not sit in your Sweet Spot, then decide how they can be reduced or eliminated
    • Also think about the things that you are not good at, not just that you don’t like

All items are then broken down into 4 areas. You want to spend the most time in your Sweet Spot.

    • Distraction
    • Disaster
    • Drain
    • Sweet Spot
Sweetspot methodology matrix

“The best way to motivate someone is to take away things that de-motivate them” – Jim Collins

So, don’t motivate, declutter!


S – Stop, what can be completely gotten rid of

O – Outsource, finding a third party source

D – Delegate, finding someone else on the team (e.g. your Part of the .Team) to hand stuff over to

A – Automate, software to automate tasks that you do manually

How to use your new insights

Next Steps:

  • Determine those items and then how you will eliminate or reduce them
  • Write down the actions you are going to take to be able to spend more time in your sweet spot
  • Define how you are going to use the time you’ve saved by spending time in your sweet spot

It is important to share these with the rest of the team. A task that you don’t enjoy doing is something that another team member may have as their sweet spot item and that task could be taken on by them.


To augment the recording, Petra Coaches commissioned a nifty illustration.

Get the resources

Click HERE to purchase your copy of Andy’s book, “Sweetspot: How to Spend More Time Doing What You Love, Are Great At, and Adds Most Value”

You can download your own PDF of the Sweet Spot worksheet HERE. Part of the .Team would be delighted to help you and your team members walk through it. Just book a time 

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